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It is our responsibility to seek out a handful of people to sponsor/advertise the folder making them a no cost venture for the department. We do all the work, but we obviously need your approval to sell the ads and do the program for the school.

We take a lot of pride in doing this the right way and we make sure a professional job is done in all areas. You can opt to print up 500, 750 or 1000 folders for the school. If you chose the run of 500, you will receive an 8% rebate from the advertising sales. Everyone participating receives a proof, final copy and thank you letter from our office. Your sales representative and Athletic Programs, Inc staff is in close contact with you at all times. You are fully informed on the project and made well aware of our deadline dates.


You must pick one of the following delivery dates for your folders: 1) the `Back to school' delivery date which is the first week of September each year (or by August 15th if you desire them earlier) OR 2) the `Winter' delivery date which is the first week of December each year OR 3) the `Spring/Second Semester' delivery date which is February 1st or by March 15th each year. It takes us approximately three to four weeks from the day we receive your inside information to turn around and deliver the folders to the school. For example, if you want a winter delivery folder (1st week of December), we will start contacting and reminding you around October 20th that we still need your information.


The folders are custom designed in your school colors with your school logo on the front. The interior design of the folder is up to you! This is your area to be creative and design nicely for everyone at school. Some suggestions from us are sports schedules, rules, directions, school information or activities for the upcoming year. The folders are a terrific way to get out all your important information to everyone at school. Many schools also have their staff fill them with consent forms, medical forms, etc. and give them out as an information packet to all the families!


We work with hundreds of athletic directors and school administrators. We are happy to provide them as references. Please go to our "Contact Us" page so we can send you a school contract form and one of our folders. (Our school contracts are all done annually -which means you decide each year to continue/discontinue our program).


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